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Local guides, local knowledge

Who are these people? Why these four countries?
What’s a tamarillo?

It all started in 1995 when New Zealander Anthony Norris headed to sunny Fiji to establish a sea-kayak company. In 1999 Italian Marina Mantovani joined him in the grand adventure of life.

The Fiji venture grew. Following a trip in 2001 a group of guests suggested a reunion in Italy and the Walk like an Italian project was born. In time, Tamarillo Active Travel began guiding in Australia, where both Anthony and Marina had traveled widely and often.

These two are still at the helm, answering emails, tailoring itineraries and leading some but not all Tamarillo Active Travel trips. Joining them on their guiding adventures are a fine collection of characters - Fijians, Italians, New Zealanders and Australians. The guides come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds but all share the same qualities of friendliness, hospitality and a commitment to keeping guests safe and happy. The local guides' local knowledge is Tamarillo Active Travel's greatest asset, and will be your asset too as you travel with them.

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Tangy, bold, complex, vibrant, intense: the tamarillo is a small fruit with a big personality.
Like Tamarillo Active Travel's trips they're not for everybody, but perfect for people with a taste for adventure and a zest for life.

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Some of our guides


Ratu Bose

Kadavu, Fiji


Silvia Malquori

Pruno, Italy


Tim Graham

Motueka, New Zealand

Albi Nic

Alberto Belli

Venice, Italy

kathreen oConnor

Kathreen O'Connor

Kadavu Island, Fiji


Nick Morrison

Motueka Valley, Aotearoa New Zealand


Gus Bainimoli

Kadavu Island, Fiji


Pauline Abordi

Perth, Australia


Alessandro Galeffi

Pruno, Italy


Waisake Tavutavu

Kadavu Island, Fiji


Laisiasi Gatarua

Kadavu Island, Fiji


Saimoni Mule

Kadavu Island, Fiji


Rayan Ciaglia

Puntato, Italy


Ratu Lalakonakoro


Mere ok

Mere Navuda

Kadavu, Fiji


Kerry Gilbert

Wellington, New Zealand