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great southern land

Australia’s extraordinary natural environment, rich cultural heritage and sheer geographical magnitude defy easy description, and present the visitor with a question: 
‘Where do I start?’

Our tailored trips can help you get to grips with this vast nation. Our carefully thought-through itineraries distill the essence of Australia and lead you to the good stuff: 
the wildlife, the wilderness, the people, the stories.

Fifty-thousand years ago the ancestors of today’s indigenous Australians discovered an immense continent populated by strange birds, animals, reptiles and fish. Eroded remnants of ancient mountains marked the landscape; primordial rainforests and coral reefs stretched beyond the horizon. Much of what those first people encountered is still here for you to see today.

Our trips weave together Australia’s unique, natural world with aspects of contemporary life:
vibrant, multi-cultural cities; world-class cuisine; friendly country towns; long, empty roads.

Authentic cultural experiences are essential parts of all our tours. In Australia this can mean visits to sheep-farms, sports events and theatre performances; talks with indigenous artists, wine-makers and wildlife-experts; and culinary experiences at farmers’ markets, craft-breweries and
specially-chosen eateries.

Our trips can be tailored for groups of all ages and abilities and customized to include any of Australia’s untold attractions, activities and places of interest. Our network of local guides and first-hand knowledge regarding where to go, what to see and how to travel will help you get the most from your time in this great southern land.

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