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Best time to visit New Zealand summer2

Destination: New Zealand

When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

Guests often ask us, ‘What is the best time of the year to travel?’ When it comes to visiting Aotearoa New Zealand there’s no such thing as a bad time. Our climate can be summarised in one word: changeable.

‘Four Seasons in One Day’ is not only a cl…

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kadavu island dive2

Destination: Fiji

Five reasons to visit Kadavu Island, Fiji

The more we travel around the Pacific the more we realise how rare and special Kadavu Island is. Here are our top reasons why Kadavu, Fiji is not to be missed.

Sea kayakingKadavu’s warm waters are perfect for sea-kayaking. With our local guides, you…

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Matava ok

Destination: Fiji

Sea-kayak Fiji: frequently-asked questions

1. Sea-kayaking. What's it like?
Sea-kayaking is a great way to explore the world. It's easy to learn, environmentally-friendly, and does not require months of training and superior strength. Sea-kayaking is good for the body and mind.

2. Is it eas…

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Destination: Fiji

The Great Astrolabe Reef

The Kadavu people call it Cakau Levu, (literally: big reef), while it is more widely-known as the Great Astrolabe Reef. The French explorer Dumont d'Urville named it after his boat the Astrolabe, after nearly wrecking himself upon it in 1827.

At aro…

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