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Sea-kayak Fiji: frequently-asked questions

1. Sea-kayaking. What's it like?
Sea-kayaking is a great way to explore the world. It's easy to learn, environmentally-friendly, and does not require months of training and superior strength. Sea-kayaking is good for the body and mind.

2. Is it easy to learn?
No prior experience is necessary. As long as you are in good health and have a sense of adventure, you will quickly master the skills needed to paddle and steer your kayak. Our experienced guides will give an introductory lesson at the beginning of the journey, and will be there to help and keep everyone happy and safe throughout.

3. Will the trip be too hard/too easy for me?
Tamarillo's guides will ensure you get just the right balance between action and relaxation. The support boat is available to carry weary kayakers as well as luggage, which means you can paddle as much or as little as you choose. Generally, the distances paddled each day are not huge, (3-4 hours), suitable for new-comers to sea-kayaking. For those ready for a challenge there are many optional side-trips and extensions available.

4. Is it safe?
It is safe. The Great Astrolabe Reef encircles the islands of the Kadavu group, and protects the land and lagoons within the reef from the ocean swell. This creates an ideal environment for sea-kayaking. The sea-kayaks used in Kadavu are sleek and very stable, and all are equipped with the usual safety features.

5. Do I need to be able to swim?
No. In the unlikely event that your sea-kayak should capsize, you will easily exit the boat and your life-jacket will keep you afloat. Even snorkeling is possible for non-swimmers, with the help of your guide and your life-jacket.

6. What's our group size?
As all our trips are private, ie: open to just you and whoever you wish to invite, you get to choose the group size. The minimum amount of people we need for a trip to go ahead is two people.

7. Are the sea-kayaks singles or doubles? Sit-inside's or sit-on-tops?
We use both singles and doubles. These are plastic, sit-inside models designed by Necky Kayaks.

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8. What about the sleeping arrangements?
The resorts offer double or twin-share rooms in separate cottages, with a small number of larger family rooms available. All the rooms have comfortable beds, private bathrooms, solar lighting and balconies.

9. Is scuba-diving possible?
The snorkeling and scuba-diving around Kadavu is world-class, and highly-recommended. Snorkeling equipment and instruction is included in the expedition price. The resorts visited by Tamarillo Active Travel have PADI-certified scuba-dive operations with rental equipment available.

10. Apart from the sea-kayaking, snorkeling and scuba-diving, what else is there to do?
Where do we start? There's lying in hammocks, reading books, going fishing, hiking into the hills, swimming under waterfalls, beach-combing, meeting the locals, bird-watching, taking photos, exploring, playing beach-volleyball and coconut petanque, dining with friends, sharing stories, watching the sun set, playing guitars, gazing at stars, sleeping soundly.... You'll love it!