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Five reasons to visit Kadavu Island, Fiji

The more we travel around the Pacific the more we realise how rare and special Kadavu Island is. Here are our top reasons why Kadavu, Fiji is not to be missed.

Sea kayaking

Kadavu’s warm waters are perfect for sea-kayaking. With our local guides, you’ll paddle across quiet lagoons alive with fish, turtles and dolphins, and along a road-free coastline of palm-fringed beaches and pristine rainforest. Further off-shore the ocean’s swells break on the barrier reef, meaning the seas you’ll paddle are generally calm. With a tropical climate, friendly locals and an absence of crowds in Kadavu you’ll find an idyllic environment for sea-kayaking.

Diving and snorkeling

The Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the largest and healthiest coral formations in the world, surrounds the beautiful, remote island of Kadavu in the south of Fiji. The diving and snorkeling here is truly world-class: colorful coral kingdoms teeming with marine life. Scuba-divers can go deeper with specialist dive-staff from Kadavu’s resorts.

kadavu island dive

Fiji beyond tourism

With no large resorts, towns or busy roads Kadavu Island is a world apart from Fiji’s mainstream tourism centers. Authentic, traditional and unspoiled, this is Fiji largely unchanged from past generations, where travel is done on foot or by boat, and where most people harvest their food directly from the land and sea. As you make your way around the island you’ll stay in small Kadavu resorts: high-quality, low-key places in tune with the environment. You’ll spend your days outdoors enjoying a true tropical wilderness where the beauty is natural.

Cultural Encounters

Throughout Fiji, Kadavu Island is respected as a place where cultural practices and traditional lifestyles are still proudly maintained. For many visitors to Kadavu their interaction with the local people is a highlight of their trip. Village-visits with traditional welcome-ceremonies, shared meals of local dishes, basket-weaving workshops, language-lessons, school-visits; all this and more is part of the Kadavu Island cultural experience.

Rainforest walks

Fiji is a lot more than resorts and beaches. Head for the hills along unmarked trails through the wilderness. Kadavu’s forests are home to huge, ancient trees, tropical flowers and a wide variety of birdlife, including four species found nowhere else in the world.