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Ten-thousand beaches, five-hundred National Parks; where one of the world’s oldest cultures endures alongside one of the world’s youngest, Australia is a land of extremes.

Our study programs underline Australia’s environmental and cultural diversity from the beaches of Sydney to the Outback and back. Along the way we visit World Heritage areas including the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, the Blue Mountains and Uluru.

All our programs are individually designed to suit the visiting group. Educational components of our programs can include:

  • time with indigenous groups, hearing from community leaders, educators, historians and artists;
  • guest lecturers from Australian universities, and expert-guided field-trips;
  • participation in volunteer environmental projects alongside local students;
  • genuine experiences of everyday life such as visits to farmers’ markets, surf life-saving clubs, unique festivals and sporting events;
  • Australian art, music, cinema and literature. 

If your schedule and budget allow, your program can include some or all of the following classic Aussie experiences:

  • learning to surf on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach;
  • snorkeling and scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef;
  • hiking the escarpments and canyons of the Blue Mountains;
  • rafting the wild Tully River down through Daintree Rainforest.
  • slow-biking along the Simpson’s Gap bike-path near Alice Springs;
  • sleeping under the stars in the Outback, and watching the sun rise over Uluru.

Around fifty-thousand years ago the ancestors of today’s indigenous Australians discovered a new land populated with a multitude of strange birds, animals, reptiles and fish. You’ll be able to see many of these unique species up-close at wildlife parks, aquariums and reptile centers during your study program.

Time in Australia can be combined with time in the neighboring countries of New Zealand and/or Fiji. Our group sizes normally range from 12 to 24, with Australia programs usually between one and three weeks. 


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How it works: Instead of the regular per person price, we’ll give you a special per group price.
As the group's coordinator its up to you to decide how to split the 'Trips for Six' price. You might:

  • surprise your friends and family by paying for everyone.
  • divide the amount equally among all participants.
  • get the rest of the group to share the cost so you travel for free.

Who is it for? Extended families, groups of friends, hiking & kayaking clubs, corporate groups, etc.

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