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Fiji: travelers' health

Those arriving from colder places may at first find Fiji's heat and humidity a challenge. If so, drink plenty of water and take it easy.

Sunburn, heat exhaustion, and motion-sickness affect sea-kayakers and boat passengers from time to time, and occasionally people get stomach upsets from eating too much fruit or things different from those they are used to.

Cuts, bites and stings are possible, but these are likely to be just minor annoyances rather than medical emergencies. There is no malaria in Fiji, and no innoculations are necessary. There have been occasional cases of dengue fever, a less-serious mosquito-transmitted disease. While your guides will have First Aid equipment, it is always a good idea to travel with your own personal medical supplies, with the products you know and trust. If you have any serious allergies you should keep your medication with you at all times.

If you require any particular medication or dietary supplements you should bring more than enough with you for the entire period, and also alert your guides to any existing health condition you may have. All participants on Tamarillo Active Travel’s trips will need to complete a health information form prior to departure.