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Combining legendary destinations with little-known gems this Walk like an Italian itinerary is a feast for the senses.

First stop: the Amalfi Coast. People have been drawn here for centuries by its kind climate and natural beauty. The allure continues: during the summer the seaside towns and beaches can get totally packed.


We avoid the crowds by visiting outside the tourism high-season and by hiking away from the coastal clamor. We follow rustic trails through terraces of gardens, vineyards, and groves of lemon and olive trees. We enjoy delicious picnics in peaceful spots looking down upon the towns of Positano and Amalfi, and the sparkling Tyrhennian Sea.

Just south of Amalfi lies Cilento, a quiet, cultured region often overlooked or unheard-of by non-Italians. Stretching from the Apennine mountains down to a coastline of rocky coves and encompassing Italy’s second-largest National Park, the hiking possibilities within Cilento are endless. The region’s traditional cuisine reflects it’s farming and fishing heritage, with mozzarella di bufala cheese perhaps it’s greatest claim to culinary fame.

Across the mountains from Cilento lies the truly remarkable town of Matera. Inhabited since the stone-age, over the millennia hundreds of natural caves have been enlarged and shaped to become dwellings, monasteries, churches and stores, many of them still in use today. Local guides will lead us through this extraordinary subterranean town.


Our southern journey ends on the fabled island of Capri, an idyllic mix of natural beauty and sophisticated charm. Like the Amalfi Coast, it can get crowded here during peak-season. To enjoy the best of Capri we come here at other times of the year. Our accommodation is away from the island’s chic center in the more understated village of Anacapri.

Our Capri walks lead past elegant villas and along narrow lanes lined with bougainvillea and palms to dramatic cliff-edge and hill-top look-outs. Panoramic views extend to other Italian islands and across to the mainland where the volcano Vesuvius looms over the city of Napoli (Naples).

More about the accommodation:

Following our group rendezvous in Napoli we’ll head south to the Amalfi Coast and stay 3 nights in a 4-star hotel in the seaside town of Amalfi.

The next stage of the journey is Cilento. From our base in the ancient, hillside village of Pisciotta we'll head out each day to explore this little-known region. We’ll stay 3 nights in a family-run, 3-star hotel overlooking the sea.

In Matera we’ll stay 2 nights in one of Italy’s most unusual hotels: a cluster of ancient cave-dwellings transformed into luxurious, 4-star suites.

The last 3 nights of the trip will be spent on beautiful Capri. Here we’ll stay on the quieter side of the island, in a 3-star hotel in the village of Anacapri. 

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